The Mind Body Spirit Institute

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

The Mind Body Spirit Institute works with organizations to develop tailored “Compassionate Professional Renewal” (CPR) programs to train their executives, faculty, and employees in mind, body, and spirit practices. The purpose is to create a culture of resiliency and productivity while supporting the individuals as they deal with stress, burnout, fear, and anxiety on the job and even in their personal lives. More and more, organizations from oil and gas companies to nonprofits to schools and hospitals are recognizing the benefit to their bottom line when their employees are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

Workshops, tailored to each audience and ranging from single sessions to sustaining programs, provide guided instructions on life-changing tools to help employees manage their response to stress. Topics include the impact of stress on personal and professional lives, and meditation, mindfulness, and movement techniques to find calm and enhance self-compassion and productivity.

For more information, email or call us 713-524-8253 ext 110.

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