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The Mind Body Spirit Institute


What is the path to achieving our full potential as individuals and organizations?

In our ever-changing world where so many of us feel bombarded by stressful situations, how do we maintain balance and achieve our full potential, both as individuals and organizations?

That is why we are here…
The Jung Center’s Mind Body Spirit Institute is leading the way in teaching how to live more balanced, productive, and healthy lives. Our classes, consulting, and professional training are each designed to help individuals learn how to reduce stress and burnout, improve health and resilience, and nourish the human spirit in both their personal and work lives.
Whether it’s a meditation or mindfulness class for individuals looking for more calm in their lives, or a workshop with educators to help them prioritize their own self-care, or training health care workers to ease their own mental health issues in order to empower others—we are here for you.

For more information, email mbsi@junghouston.org or call us 713-524-8253 ext 110.

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Imagine what could be possible if you were fully present in this moment?
Simple, practical, evidence-based tools can change your life.

94% of respondents in a recent study reported that meditation was of "some" (29%) or "great" (65%) benefit in addressing pressing psychological and physical concerns. (Cramer, Hall, Leach, Frawley, et al, 2016)

Our Mission

For more than sixty years, The Jung Center has served as a nonprofit forum for dynamic conversations on a diverse range of psychological, artistic, and spiritual topics. Our mission is to support the development of greater self-awareness, creative expression, and psychological insight—individually, in relationships, and within the community. The Jung Center provides pathways to find deeper meaning in everyday life.

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