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Compassionate, ethical action depends on knowing oneself. We create community best when we are able to discern our unconscious motivations, and confront the ways we imagine the world we live in. Each of us must walk our own paths – no one can tell us who we are, or what we must be. Home to The Fay Lectures Series, The McMillan Institute is a unique resource that features lectures, workshops, conferences, and other learning opportunities that lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves, the world around us, and our imaginations of both.

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The C.G. Jung Page

Since 2005, The Jung Center has maintained The Jung Page, which includes articles, film and book reviews, out-of-print books, audio, reference works and a large collection of links to like-minded organizations.

What Is Jungian Analysis And Psychotherapy?

While The Jung Center does not operate a clinic nor formally endorse psychotherapy with particular therapists, we often receive questions about the therapeutic resources available in Houston. Many types of therapy apply the ideas of Carl Jung. Jungian analysis involves in-depth work with an individual trained in a formal analytical program, such as that offered in Zurich, Switzerland, where Jung loved and developed his ideas. There are regional and interregional training programs in the United States which also train individuals to become analysts. The format of analysis varies based on the needs of the client as well as the preference and experiences of the analyst. Jungian-inspired work is also offered by individuals trained and licensed as psychologists, professional counselors, social works and marriage and family therapists. Dr. Jung’s ideas have germinated a variety of treatment modalities such as dream work, active imagine, sand tray, movement and dance, body-centered therapies and transpersonal therapies which integrate practices from spiritual traditions of both the Eastern and Western traditions.

Houston-Area Jungian Analysts And Psychotherapists

Due to frequent requests, The Jung Center provides the following list of Jungian analysts, psychologists and therapists who are in some way affiliated with The Jung Center. The Center does not recommend clinicians and it is often wise to interview two or three different individuals in making a decision of who might be most helpful for your particular issues and need.

Virginia Angel, JD, MA, LPC, Jungian analyst | 713.703.7737

Kathryn Burns, LPC, Jungian analyst | 713.527.7297

Tom Carter, PhD, MTh, LPC, CGP | 713-628-2942

Jennifer Jones Embry, MA, LPC, Jungian analyst | 713.703.9952

Sean Fitzpatrick, PhD, LPC | 713.503.5855

Anna Guerra, JD, MA, LPC | 713.528.0315

Diana Heritage, LMSW-ACP, Jungian analyst |281.451.0277

Gretchen Heyer, MA, MDiv, LPC, Jungian analyst | 713.267.0699

Frances Johnson, PhD, MDiv, LPC, Diploma Candidate at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich | 832.525.9963

Michele Lees, MA, ADTR, LPC | 713.880.4545

Jerry Ruhl, PhD | 937.501.0043

Ronald Schenk, PhD, LPC, Jungian analyst | 214.360.0577

Anne Strain, LCSW, candidate-in-training to become a Jungian analyst | 713.529.5008

Rodney Waters, Jungian analyst | 713.526-4444

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