The Mind Body Spirit Institute

Corporate Consulting

Corporate Consulting

Companies are finally recognizing that when their employees are stressed, anxious, and depressed, they are also less productive. Studies have also shown that when an individual’s anxiety is reduced, they can see things more clearly and are able to think more creatively and empathically. With the upheaval in today’s corporate environment, it is even more pressing that managers and employees have the tools to help ease their stress and anxiety, and depression. It now makes even more economic sense to ensure their employees learn how to improve their mental, emotional, and physical health.

The Jung Center’s Mind Body Spirit Institute's Compassionate Professional Renewal programs are here to provide support in providing employers in all industries with the education and techniques to help support employee well-being.

Topics Include:

  • Burnout Prevention and Self-care
  • Using Mindfulness to Enhance Workplace Safety
  • Self Compassion

Past & Current Clients Include:

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