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This is What Love Looks Like

February 13, 2023

In late August, Kimberly and David Spaw made the next great leap for us. What you see above is Kimberly painstakingly stripping a vinyl window covering so old it had effectively fused with the glass. They oversaw the installation of brand new sit-stand desks and other office fixtures throughout the business office, which has immensely improved our quality of life (as it happens, I threw out my back on Labor Day, and the sit-stand desk I’d been convinced I didn’t need became my new best friend).
Kimberly is also responsible for the new window hangings on the front of the building, which have increased foot traffic and have definitely improved our brand awareness in the community. I keep hearing from people who know us now because of the window treatments.
If you haven't been in the building in the last year, come by and see the work they've done on our behalf, which has included extensive renovations to the business office and other spaces throughout the building. Bless you two. I can’t overstate the impact of the gifts they’ve given us.

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