Thanks for the memories, Linda Johnson

June 01, 2023

Linda Johnson
November 10, 1940 – April 28, 2023

Individuation to Linda Johnson was not merely a Jungian concept, it was lived experience.  After enjoying every moment of raising her amazing daughter, encouraging her to fly in her own sky, and teaching high school for health professions for 27 years, she turned her energy to her inner life of reflection, dreams, and active imaginings.  She would go on “dates” with her inner artist – following her curiosity, uncovering life and all forms of art off the beaten path, and always sharing her discoveries.  She left her community of many years in West University and became a neighbor of the Jung Center, enjoying all the Museum District had to offer.  Living within an eclectic curation of art, she embraced her high-rise perspective – the weather and traffic patterns, as well as the movement of daylight – with childlike wonder.  She had an activist’s heart, a decisive mind, and a spitfire spirit.  Being both a lifelong teacher and a lifelong student fueled her integrity and ability to hold truth as her north star, no matter where the collective was moving.  To know her was to be deeply inspired.  Thank you for imprinting your presence into this Houston Jung Center community.

by Jennifer J. Embry, Jungian analyst and Jung Center instructor and community member

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