November 18 - October 31 2024

Tom Bandage: The Spectacle of Introspection

Geometric Sculptures by Tom Bandage

“Example Geometry no.6”
a new public work by Tom Bandage

“Example Geometry no.6” is a continuation of Tom Bandage’s numbered series of flat-packable, mechanically-fastened works that attempt to produce novel architectural volumes via minimal material intervention.

Tilting manufacturing praxis into artistic concept, the space implied by the aluminum boundary is accentuated by the production of an illusory interior/exterior threshold, producing an architecture rather than a bare volume.

In this single form, there is an inside and an outside that are always already present. There is no way to perceive the implied volume without creating the divide – one implies the other. The perceived interior, partially occluded by the exterior, is in flux depending on the position of the viewer, as its shadow.

The interior faces have a retroreflective coating that further enhances the spectacle of introspection, leveraging naturally occurring light to not only accentuate the divide between inside and outside, but to challenge the ability for the inside to isolate itself from its exterior conditions.

Visit the artist’s website here:

Photo by Bryce Saucier.


Artist's Reception: November 18 2023, 5 - 7 pm


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