Kristi Rangel

April 04 - May 13 2023

Kristi Rangel: Seven

Seven is a mystical number that is connected to spiritual awakening, introspection and the development of wisdom. This series captures the deeper truth that we are all interconnected-human, animal, nature and the universe.
“Seven” was created as a part of the process of Kristi being selected as the Houston Coalition Against Hate (HCAH) Emerging Artist. It is a curated collection of seven paintings featuring portraits of Black women and Funtumfrafu-Denkyemfrafu, an Adinkra symbol of unity in diversity giving a common destiny. Kristi’s art making centers around her belief that environmental equity is a basic human right.

Artist’s Website:


Artist's Reception: April 08 2023, 5 - 7 pm


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