September 24 - November 07 2022

Cindy Shung: Mind is Universe

Pegasus glides across the night sky.

Leonardo Da Vinci encouraged “observation with imagination”.

Hamlet saw a camel in the clouds.

In 1866, Karl Kahlbaum named the tendency for perception to impose a meaningful interpretation of a visual stimulus pareidolia.

In my garden, reality wilts under the macro lens, while shades and shapes transform to surreal storylines evoking the emotion of a long-forgotten past.  The diversity of images elevates photography as fictitious expressions of boundless imagination.

Time and distance leave marks in one’s mind which stretches constantly and unconsciously. My conceptually-evolved beings will never return to their original selves. Homecoming to where the stories began is familiar and complementary, yet never the way it was.

The human mind, where memory mingles with fantasy and reality converses with emotion, is the center of the ever-expanding universe one sees and believes. While I see a heaven in a flower, I realize how non-universal individual perceptions are for everyone. The uniqueness and freedom of imagination differentiate us from other living organisms — and advance human civilization.

Thus, what is IMAGINATION? What is MAKE-BELIEVE? And what is TRUTH?

In the world in which we live, “TRUTH” is only what one chooses to believe.

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Cindy Lisica is the Guest Curator for this exhibit.

This exhibit is a FotoFest Participating Space 2022.


Artist's Reception: September 24 2022, from 5 - 7 pm.


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