November 18 - December 22 2024

Grayson Chandler: Migrations

Migrations, the title of Grayson Chandler’s upcoming solo exhibit, speaks to the operative manner of abstraction he uses to navigate his paintings. Circumscribed in his artwork is an invitation to explore and observe the ways through which intuition and personal experience shape our vision. Moreover, as our senses advance, and the scope of our perception expands, so does the relationship between ourselves and our perspective. According to Chandler, what unfolds in the space between observer and observed is an instinct wherein meaning emerges — and out of which, mindful cooperation with one’s inner landscape is traversed.


Artist Statement

Fascinated by the intrinsic order and beauty of nature, my work attempts to capture and abstract its character in a manner that is uncanny, yet familiar. Deeply curious about the forces that govern human reason and faith, my work probes the amphibious network linking logic, intuition, consciousness, and emotion. Through this perspective, we are encouraged to draw upon our own experience as a means of shaping the border between real and imaginary. Moreover, we are encouraged to explore how the shape of our experience shapes how we see, and how what we see is largely colored by what we can recognize. Within this aesthetic, the spectator is invited to enter a space that meditates on the means through which we conceive and distill meaning and sensation from space and form.


Born in Houston, Texas 1994, Grayson Chandler’s exposure to the visual arts began from a young age. Since graduating with a BFA from the University of North Texas in 2018, Chandler has been selling and exhibiting his paintings in Texas, and abroad. His early success can be demonstrated through numerous solo and group shows, garnering his artwork a rapidly growing admiration from significant collectors and Houston institutions alike. His 2022 solo IN VIA, at Deborah Colton Gallery, saw his work acquired into the MFAH’s permanent collection. Other notable shows include a 2021 Solo at Pearl Fincher Museum in Spring, Texas, as well as his upcoming solo at The Jung Center in 2024. In addition to his own professional practice, Chandler also serves on the board of the Visual Arts Alliance (VAA) — an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization seeking to provide educational and career opportunities for serious practitioners of the visual arts within the Houston community.

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Artist's Reception: November 23 2024, 5 - 7 pm


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