August 19 - September 28 2023

The G5 Collective: Ignition

Collective Art Exhibit

Collectively we are united by a passion to create, but we are each ignited by different forces. Saran Alderson is inspired by the human body, with all of its eccentricities and fabulocities.  Through the lens of portraiture, Sarah Fisher records the human need to be authentically seen. Liz Gates is driven by a desire to create safe spaces for future generations. Visible color and inclusive graphic design practices fuels Ashita Sawhney‘s work. Doug Welsh is ignited by Mitch Pengra, his partner and muse, who is a constant source of love, inspiration and joy. This show is equally about the specific things that motivate us as individual artists, and the shared sense of purpose and urgency we feel in a collective desire to help shape an art world that embraces positivity, inclusivity, service and support – without ego. This is G5.

G5 Collective

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G5 Collective: (left to right) Ashita Sawhney, Saran Alderson, Doug Welsh, Liz Gates, Sarah Fisher.
Image: Felipe Harker


Artist's Reception: September 09 2023, 5 - 7 pm


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