Caroline Grant Fay Legacy Circle

When Carolyn Grant Fay founded The Jung Center, she created a legacy that gives future generations a place to find meaning, community, and their own answers to the question “What matters most?”

It is in that spirit that The Jung Center has created the Carolyn Grant Fay Legacy Circle. Members of the circle honor Carolyn Fay’s memory and keep it alive, ensuring that The Jung Center remains a valuable and vibrant resource for future generations.

We hope that you will consider becoming a member of the Carolyn Grant Fay Legacy Circle by leaving a gift to The Jung Center in your will or estate plans. It’s as easy as adding a sentence or two to your will, and no gift is too small.

Thanks to Carolyn Fay and many other supporters, The Jung Center has given Houston a place to ask questions, to explore values, and to promote honest conversations. Classes have offered thousands of people powerful, practical tools to discover what matters most and contribute to a more thoughtful, respectful, and healthy community.

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