Blowing Bubbles Can Be Essential Self-Care

August 30, 2023

Last Friday, August 25, the entire staff of Houston Area Women’s Center gathered in the training space at Children’s Assessment Center for a day-long retreat. These passionate, courageous, fiercely devoted people work to provide safety and comprehensive, life-saving services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, empowering individuals, families, and communities to transform trauma, achieve independence, and stop abuse before it happens. It’s difficult work that requires deep commitment and a willingness to witness, and combat, what is worst in human nature.

The Jung Center was invited to lead a 90-minute workshop for the staff on burnout, secondary trauma, self-care, and community care. Instructor Tracie Jae (above) and executive director Sean Fitzpatrick shared skills, insights, and practical tools for making the work sustainable. One of the highlights: after each participant received a small vial of bubble goo, Tracie taught them her simple, profound mindfulness practice: with every breath, we bring what we need into our bodies. When we breathe out, we let go of what we no longer need, what is toxic, painful, and keeps us stuck. And when we blow bubbles, we can see it leaving. We can practice self-care in such small moments, everyday, wherever we may be.

by Sean Fitzpatrick, Executive Director |

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