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As the world around us speeds up, how do we keep up without losing ourselves along the way?

Welcome to The Mind, Body, Spirit Institute (MBSI).  Located within the renowned Jung Center in Houston, MBSI helps individuals and communities to flourish with innovative new approaches to cultivating wellness and emotional health.  MBSI’s thoughtful selection of experience- and academically-based classes and seminars are aimed at reducing stress, improving health and nourishing the human spirit.  MBSI provides renewal, responses and remedies to the hectic pace of modern life and high demands of workplace expectations.  From insightful single session workshops to long-term, in depth certificate programs, MBSI offers solutions to those looking to refresh their approach to life, embrace their own potential, and experience greater meaning and satisfaction in their work.



Compassionate Professional Renewal (CPR)

As technology blurs the lines between work hours and personal time, and internal and external expectations distract our focus, maintaining a healthy work/life rhythm can become an exhausting task.  Stress in the workplace, and the burnout that can result, takes a substantial toll on today’s employees – with consequences for physical health, mental well-being and motivation levels – which in turn trickles down into difficulties with productivity, quality of work, attendance, and retention for employers.


“I loved the guided meditation.  It’s such a great reminder to do what works to build me personally as a whole.  That’s what makes us able to function well as a team.” – Home Depot Leadership Summit Attendee

Source: The American Institute of Stress (


MBSI’s customizable Compassionate Professional Renewal (CPR) classes and workshops take the notion of employee self-care from a vague concept to an obtainable reality – guiding employees and management teams through academically-informed instruction and experiences.  Meditation, lecture, peer discussion and movement techniques are utilized to identify the effects of stress in the workplace and the means to reduce them.

Open to healthcare and education providers, corporations, and community groups of any size, our accessible programming is offered onsite at The Jung Center or offsite at a location of your choice.  Compassionate Professional Renewal (CPR) hopes to turn the tide of job-induced stress and workplace burnout with clear methods for improving quality of life, clarifying personal values, and reimagining success – the the lasting benefit of organizations, employees and their families.  Our practical instruction draws upon rich streams of knowledge and experience that shape how we support your group’s unique needs, using common language and industry-specific terminology.  Review the testimonials below to see how our programs can benefit your employees, your brand, and the well-being of your entire organization.


Spring 2020 Events at The Jung Center

The Mind Body Spirit Institute offers many events onsite at The Jung Center throughout the year. Here are the upcoming events for Spring 2020:

The Power of Mantra: A, Om, Hung
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche | Friday – Sunday, Jan 10 – 12

Monthly Meditation
Alejandro Chaoul | Tuesday, Jan 14; Thursday, Feb 13; Monday, Mar 23; Tuesday, Apr 21

Providing a Safe Haven: Learning to Host Healing Circles
Susan Cooley and David Spaw | Saturday, Jan 18

Waqar Faiz Sufi Meditation
Omair Shariff, Ismail Shah, Zain Rizvi | Saturdays, Jan 25, Feb 29, Mar 28, Apr 25, May 23

Feng Shui: An Introduction
Miguel Castillo | Thursday, Feb 6

Mindful Origami
Rie Kojima Angeli | Fridays, Feb 7, Mar 6, Apr 3, May 1

Movement and the Power of Play
Lance Westendarp | Four Fridays, Feb 7 – 28

Learn and Live the Yamas: Ethics for Yoga and Mindfulness Teachers
Justine Fanarof | Saturday, Feb 8

Healing with Laughter Yoga
Lainie Diamond | Thursdays, Feb 13, Apr 23

Tea and Meditation
Alejandro Chaoul and Chris McKann | Tuesday, Mar 10

Restorative Yoga
George Sroka | Six Wednesdays, Mar 11 – Apr 15

Spirituality in a Diverse Key
Andrea Messineo and Rachel Winer | Friday, Mar 13

Meditation, Mindfulness, and the Craving Mind
Stan Merrill | Saturday, Mar 14

Compassionate Integrity Training
Pam Lewis | Ten Wednesdays, Mar 18 – May 20

Exploring Our Nervous System
Lance Westendarp and Debbie Mills | Saturday, Mar 21

Yoga Nidra
Justine Fanarof | Saturday, Apr 4

Finding Harmony and Balance Through Feng Shui
Miguel Castillo and C.C. Lee | Saturdays, Apr 18 and 25

Healing Together: A Mind-Body Skills Group
Aproteem Choudhury | Four Mondays, Apr 20 – May 11

Meditation Mini-Retreat
Alejandro Chaoul | Friday, May 8

Mandalas: Entering the Sacred Circle
Alejandro Chaoul and Sean Fitzpatrick | Friday, May 29

Awakening to Joy
Deborah Eden Tull | Friday, May 29; Saturday, May 30


MBSI Certificate

Tailored to high-level candidates in the healing arts (nurses, psychotherapists, yoga practitioners and spiritual leaders), this program features a concentrated curriculum to bring participants to a new level of understanding in theory and practice. Invested individuals will need to apply for and be accepted into the program and will commit to an engaging and in-depth year-long experience. As part of MBSI, this program will incorporate insights from depth psychology.


Meditation Courses

Whether new to meditation or already familiar with its techniques and benefits, we provide welcoming, flexible programs that meet you where you are.  With both short and long-term commitment levels, these classes apply meditation methods in practical ways for daily life – enhancing relationships, facilitating creativity, and as an uplifting a way to refresh and refocus.


About Alejandro Chaoul

Dr. Chaoul holds a doctoral degree in religious studies from Rice University.  He is currently a faculty member in the Integrative Medicine Program of MD Anderson Cancer Center, where since 1999, he has been leading people with cancer and their family members through mind/body/spirit techniques aimed at reducing stress and facilitating healing.  He has also engaged in research to assess the benefits of these practices in different populations. Dr. Chaoul is the author of Tibetan Yoga for Health and Well-Being and Chöd Practice in the Bön Tradition.

Dr. Chaoul has personally studied Buddhist practices and traditions with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Löpon Tenzin Namdak and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.  He brings over 20 years of experience as a teacher of Bön Buddhism and Tibetan yoga.  His affiliation with the Ligmincha Institute has given him the opportunity to instruct throughout the United States, Latin America, and Europe. He is also a senior teacher of the 3 Doors program and has been recognized as a Fellow of the Mind & Life institute. Email him at



Houston Chronicle – January 31, 2017 – Upon reflection, it’s hard to set your mind free


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