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What Matters Most: How Can We Be Transformed? (Hybrid)

Anna Guerra

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We often hear inner voices telling us to “grow stronger”, “be smarter”, “fix yourself”. We don’t always know if the voices we hear are our own, or if they even have our best interests at heart. But sometimes we are confronted with a suddenly-changed world that can’t be coaxed back into a familiar shape, and one voice – louder than all the rest – confirms that this time, we must be the ones to change. The only way forward is the way of inner transformation.

But how – and when – do we engage this process? In the next What Matters Most course, Anna Guerra will introduce us to the ways depth psychologists think about the process of psychological change – changes to our attitude, our personality, even our worldview and perceptions. More importantly, we’ll take a hands-on approach to the tools and techniques that depth psychologists use to access, restore, and support our relationship with the natural processes of change. Through learning to understand our dreams, interacting with our inner parts and landscapes, and discovering the hidden messages in our fantasies and everyday thoughts, we open ourselves to an exciting – though sometimes stressful – process of discovery and transformation.

This program will be offered both in-person and via livestreaming. Please use the registration form to select which way you plan to participate. If you register to attend online, you will be emailed viewing instructions either the evening before or the morning of the event. Please be sure to check “spam” and “junk” folders!

This class will be recorded. Recordings will be distributed to registered participants ONLY, after each class session. Recordings will not be available for purchase after the program ends.

About the instructor

Anna Guerra

Anna Guerra, JD, MA, LPC, is a depth psychotherapist in Houston with emphasis and training in Jungian psychology. She holds degrees in philosophy, law, and clinical psychology. She is a frequent lecturer at The Jung Center and taught a two-year extensive introduction to Jung and analytical psychology.

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Four Thursdays
Apr 28 - May 19
6 - 8pm

2 h

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$160.00 USD


$180.00 USD


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