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Uncovering Lacan: Sexuation, Sexuality, and Identity (Hybrid)

Marcelo Zigaran

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Come explore the difference between sexuation and sexuality in the psychology of Jacques Lacan, a French psychoanalyst whose ideas, like Carl Jung’s, led to alienation from the Freudian circles of his day. Where Jung talked about the so-called “Self with a capital S”, Lacan discussed the role of the “Other with a capital O” in the generation and activity of our unconscious backgrounds. Lacan coined the term sexuation to refer to the powerful – yet unconscious – ways that our experiences participate in the difference between the sexes and beyond binary sexuality, and to render it distinct from the equally important concept of identity – in which we make another powerful, unconscious decision as to what brings us pleasure, delight, or ecstasy. Discover how these concepts interact with sexuality and gender, the Lacanian affirmation that all genders – not just the male and female – enter into the register of the Real, and that for any subjective position, there’s always an Other sex… and it is radically Other!

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About the instructor

Marcelo Zigaran

Marcelo Zigaran, PhD, is a Houston-based concert cellist, soloist, and Lacanian psychoanalyst. Marcelo studied psychoanalysis and cultural studies at the University of Buenos Aires, attended the National Conservatory of Music in Buenos Aires, and received his PhD from the University of Houston. The author of Powers of Music: A Psychoanalytic Investigation about Music and Meaning, Dr. Zigaran currently works at The Mend Center, lectures on Jacques Lacan for several psychoanalytic centers, and teaches at The Houston Center for Psychoanalytic Studies. For more information please visit his website, and subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

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Saturday, June 25,
2:30 - 4pm CT

1.5 h

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