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Psyche and Soul: An Interview with Herb Agan

“Jung said, ‘There’s always two students in the counseling temenos, the sacred space of the counseling office. If there’s not, something is going awry.’”

Since the 70’s, UH professor of psychology Herb Agan has been involved with the Jung Center as both teacher and student. From spending years in the topic of caring for the human psyche, Herb states, “We’re all searching for meaning and purpose and something deeper than satiating the appetites and instincts…and so, people from their twenty’s to their eighty’s come to my classes searching and seeking for knowledge, healing, understanding, meaning, creative expression and fellowship.”

For Herb’s classes, caring for the psyche and caring for the soul are intertwined. “Using Plato’s idea, we’re not human beings looking for some spiritual high, like the ecstasy of the Astros winning or singing an old hymn or taking communion or falling in love. We’re actually spiritual beings having a human experience.”


Watch a video of this interview here!

Full interview transcript