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Restoring Mind, Body, & Spirit: Professional Training Program

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Restoring Mind, Body, and Spirit: A Professional Training Program

How do we stay grounded and present in the moment, and why is this essential? How might diverse spiritual traditions contribute to a sense of serenity, even in our professional lives? How do we share our insights and transformation with the community around us? Designed for those in the helping professions - educators, non-profit leaders, health care workers, spiritual leaders, mental health professionals, and practitioners of meditation, yoga and bodywork – this program teaches skills to help identify, acknowledge, and heal the wounds that may be impacting not only our lives, but the lives of those we serve.

Together, we will explore how Jungian psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, and diverse Western spiritual models can be applied to our experiences of personal growth, and learn techniques to alleviate the stress and burnout that attend when we are called to suffer along with others. Come connect with other helping professionals, create a toolkit for personal resilience and flourishing, and improve community resilience by increasing your own access to effective, research-based skills.

Thanks to a grant from The Rockwell Fund, we launched our first cohort (drawn from the staff of the Houston Area Women's Center) for this nine-month program in November 2021. Contact for more information about enrolling in future PTP cohorts or having one tailored for your community.

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