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Education: Addressing Stress to Create Sustainable, Healthy, and Productive Educational Environments

Our school systems provide a lot more to our children than lessons in math, history, science and English. They are incubators for the future, social support structures for the present, and a looking glass into the past. Our children do not just learn content -- they form friendships, receive mentorship and guidance, and learn how to know themselves and envision how they would like to be in the world.

A school is also a place where one can feel failure and the experience of not meeting expectations – our own as well as those others have for us. We may not make the grade, lose a game, hit the wrong note during a performance, or get rejected by our crush. As any parent knows, the pursuit of fitting in, feeling accepted, and doing well can easily become taxing and stressful to a child.

Our teachers are the frontline providers who compassionately give themselves for the benefit of others, with hope for the future and our shared humanity. They absorb everything a student brings into the classroom -- hope and perseverance, depression, anxiety and adverse home experiences.

What can we do? How do we support our future? How do we take care of the kind and selfless providers working to build our future?

The Mind Body Spirit Institute offers remedies to the hectic pace of modern life and the high demands of educating our youth. Our Compassionate Professional Renewal (CPR) solutions are focused on reducing stress and improving health while cementing your organization’s position as a trailblazer in the development of strong and thoughtful leaders and educators.


Benefits of Mindfulness Curriculum for Adolescents in Classroom Setting

Students in mindfulness program demonstrated improved emotional regulation, decreases in tiredness and reported increased feelings of calmness, relaxation and self-acceptance.

Patricia C. Broderick & Stacie Metz, Advances in School Mental Health Promotion

Positive Impact of Mindfulness Based Kindness Curriculum for Preschoolers

Children that participated in program expressed higher social competence, social-emotional development and learning in comparison to the control group.

Flook, L., Goldberg, S. B., Pinger, L., & Davidson, R. J., Developmental Psychology

How Mindfulness can Help Educators

Teachers in mindfulness program exhibited greater classroom organization, attention, and self-compassion compared to those not in the program.

Flook, L., Goldberg, S.B., Pinger, L., Bonus, K. and Davidson, R.J. Mind, Brain and Education

Testimonials – Success Stories

“Your engaging and experiential workshop help to bring awareness to our staff on how to manage their own stressors and responses to stress in the work environment and at home. We appreciate your efforts in tailoring your presentation to meet the needs of the public education environment. I would also like to share the feedback responses from the participants who attended the workshop. There were many different perspectives and comfort zones in which our staff approach themselves and their work and most experienced benefit and are willing to apply new ways of managing themselves, the teachers and students.”

Jan Toyota, OTR, M.S. School Based Therapy Services Manager Harris County Department of Education

"I would definitely recommend this class to other teachers and students. I appreciated the way each exercise / technique was explained and the history behind it was discussed. Our students respect and enjoy learning from knowledgeable experts and I have heard the students mention some of the ideas that were presented in the session, even though it was short. Just the fact that they are aware of the importance of mindfulness is a step in the right direction."

GT Academy Specialist Sablatura Middle School, Pearland ISD Stacy Mueller

"I have always liked meditation is all about peacefulness and tranquility. Meditation is one of the few opportunities to clear my mind and forgetabout what I need to do. One thing I did learn was that during meditation, you don’t try to clear your mind, you just let it happen. Sometimes it’s important to let things happen instead of forcing it to happen."

I would like to attend on afterschool session but I don’t know if I have the time to.

Flourishing Together, Former and Current Friends Middle School Student John J. Pershing ,Houston Independent School District

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