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With all the benefits of modernity -- mass transportation, instant communication, the internet and social media -- why do we feel so disconnected and divided? Our increasingly complex ways of remaining connected have exacerbated splitting within our families, workplaces, schools, social circles and houses of worship. Entire nations are split apart by radical political ideologies, extremist nationalism, and fundamentalist religiosity.

We humans share much in common. More than ninety-nine percent of our DNA is the same regardless of gender, race, nationality. Regardless of our culture of origin, each of us hopes for safety, choice, connection, and joy: safety for our children and families; the choice to form our lives and shape our destiny; connection to ourselves, our communities, and a sense of purpose; and experiences of joy and lightness.

So how do we stay in relationship to those qualities? How can we bypass the popular mainstream focus on division and emotional states of fear and anxiety? We stay connected to community.

Community is a refuge in which we can be supported as we strive for meaning and purpose, a system that can hold us accountable to our commitments and a space which provides love and camaraderie.

Think deeply about the communities that support you. Oftentimes they are found in your workplace, amongst fellow hobbyists, or in a house of religion. These communities can exist online or may meet in person, but on some level they serve to create deeper meaning in our lives.

How can you support the community that supports you?

The Mind Body Spirit Institute offers a perspective and pathways for greater connection within your community that is rooted in an ancient understanding of the value of fellowship. Since its inception, MBSI has made clear and intentional efforts to build community through sharing space, providing meditative tools for relaxation, and promoting self-expression. We hope to share our experience with you and your community!


Research suggests meaningful relationships in community are a prescription for better emotional, mental, and physical health.

Harvard Study of Adult Development

"People who are more socially connected to family, friends, and community are happier, healthier, and live longer than people who are less well connected," says Dr. Waldinger.

Dr. Robert Waldinger, Harvard University

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Houston Botanic Garden

The Houstonian Club

The Health Museum

Fe y Justicia

Worker Center

Houston Ballet


Houston Area Women’s Center


Mental Health America

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