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The Fay Lecture Series


The Archetype of Birth

JoAnn Culbert-Koehn

Reception and Introduction: Friday, Apr 21
6 – 9 pm
Saturday and Sunday, Apr 22 and 23
9 am – 1 pm

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Join The Jung Center for the second annual Fay Lectures in Analytical Psychology. This series welcomes internationally renowned scholars in analytical psychology to The Jung Center for a weekend of pioneering and thought-provoking research into the mystery of the human psyche. Each installment of the Fay Lectures is published by Texas A&M University Press and makes a significant and enduring contribution to psychology. We are proud to welcome JoAnn Culbert-Koehn from Los Angeles for this weekend.

Archetypes search for human meeting and mediation, and when they are not properly mediated, they can affect psychological development across the lifespan. Birth is a universal human experience, and the success or failure of an individual’s birth to mediate the archetype of birth can lead to the development of a birth complex or trauma.

In these lectures, JoAnn will explore this process by focusing on artists who have told and painted the stories of their birth and its lasting impact. Patient material and dreams will also be a focus of reflection. Although deeply buried and hard to see, a difficult birth can leave a dark and indelible imprint that can impede individuation. This imprint will be reactivated at any modern-day birth such as a trip, a promotion, a new marriage, the birth of an actual child, or just a creative act such as making a painting, a poem, or a sculpture.

JoAnn Culbert-Koehn is a Jungian analyst in private practice for over 40 years. She is president of the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles, where she also served as director of training and co-director of the Hilde Kirsch Children’s Center. She was a board member of the Frances Tustin Memorial Trust, on the executive committee of the International Association of Analytical Psychology, and on the editorial board of the Journal of Analytical Psychology. JoAnn has worked for over two decades to integrate Jung’s work with the work of Melanie Klein and Wilfred Bion. She has published widely, and she lectures and supervises around the world.