At The Moment of Creation

January 04 - February 14 2023

Kathryn Rabinow: What If...

What if you could become a pollinator surrounded by the pleasures of a summer garden?

What if you could see into a multiplicity of dimensions?

What if you could change the seasons of the year; the focal point of a bird; the colors of everyday existence?

What if you could give expression and form to something that does not yet exist, something new and unique?

What if you could visualize your mind’s inner thoughts during a moment of creation?

What if by giving of yourself you could save the life of another person?

What if —— My 2023 photography exhibition at The Jung Center touches on the power of imagery and of imagination.  The imagery, in part, speaks to the work of Carl Jung and his use of art in exploration of the unconscious and in the evolution of specific magic moments of personal growth in the human psyche.  Comprised of several very dissimilar groupings of images, each grouping invites the viewer to become immersed in a variety of situations.  When visitors pause within each segment of the exhibition to look, to really look, in some segments viewers will see details–some straightforward and clear while other groupings of images create a visual environment that is strangely mysterious yet somehow recognizable.  Those images invite a quiet mood and require a pause for the viewer to have the ‘aha moment’ of contemplative understanding. The segment, titled Witnessing Miracles, is dedicated to amazing work of the surgeons and medical professionals at Methodist Hospital Transplant Center.

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Artist's Reception: January 14 2023, 5-7pm


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