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*CLOSED* An Introduction to Wim Hof Method Breathwork (In-Person)

Shereen Yusuff

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Three Saturdays, Mar 12 - 26
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Join us for an introductory course exploring the basics of a breathing technique that one athlete claims to have aided in his setting of 26 world records! Developed by Dutch journalist and extreme athlete Wim Hof, Wim Hof Method Breathwork is known to help regulate and benefit the circulatory, endocrine, nervous, and respiratory systems. In addition to working on the technique ourselves, we will also explore the theory and scientific evidence associated with the ability of breathwork to provide access to the autonomous nervous system, leading to calm and relaxation. Discover how, beyond its use in extreme feats of stamina, this method could also help to enhance our everyday happiness and overall health.

This program will be offered both in-person and via livestreaming. You are registering for the in-person module. Please click here to register for the livestreaming module.

In-person attendees are encouraged to wear a mask at all times, observe physical distancing guidelines, and to sign a waiver (which will be sent to you before the class begins).

This class will be recorded. Please email to retrieve recordings of missed sessions. Recordings are available to registered participants ONLY, and will not be available for purchase after the program ends.

About the instructor

Shereen Yusuff

Shereen’s breath journey started at the age of four, through tennis. She learned breath exercises to be able to hit harder, run faster, and lift more weight. When she got into Ultramarathons and Ironman races, she recognized how crucial breath was to her recovery. Climbing mountains first led her to the Wim Hof Method and, very quickly after, the Buteyko Method. Integrating both the methods has greatly enhanced her ability to be in the present moment, which has made her a happier and healthier person.

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March 12, 2022
10:00 AM

3 h

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  • March 12, 2022 16:00 An Introduction to Wim Hof Method Breathwork (In-Person) - Day 1
  • March 19, 2022 15:00 An Introduction to Wim Hof Method Breathwork (In-Person) - Day 2
  • March 26, 2022 15:00 An Introduction to Wim Hof Method Breathwork (In-Person) - Day 3



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