The McMillan Institute

McMillan LionWe are thrilled and deeply honored to announce the founding of The Frank N. McMillan, Jr., Institute of Jungian Studies at The Jung Center. The Institute hosts local and online educational experiences that advance C.G. Jung’s exploration of the frontiers of the human soul.

The son of a rancher in rural Milam County, Texas, Frank McMillan, II, once wrote a friend that “Jung saved my life.” A chance encounter with the artist Forrest Bess, in a diner on Matagorda Bay in 1954, led McMillan to a lifelong passion for Jung’s thought and an uncompromising pursuit of the authentically examined life. As he wrote, “The great contribution of Jung is not that his ideas form any final explanation . . . but that they are penetrating insights that open doors and lead the way for further elaboration and understanding.”

The Jung Center shares this passion. At the heart of our mission is the belief that compassionate, ethical action in the world depends on knowing oneself. We create community best when we are able to discern our unconscious motivations and recollect our projections onto others. And each of us must walk our own paths – no one can tell us who we are or what we must be in the world.

The McMillan Institute features lectures, workshops, conferences, and other learning opportunities, many of which will also be available online in the coming years. It is also the new home of the Fay Lectures, which for more than two decades have spotlighted the most innovative scholars in analytical psychology from around the world. These honorary lectures are presented annually and are published by Texas A&M Press. More information about the next Fay Lectures will be available soon.

Read the story behind Frank N. McMillan III’s inspiration to create this institute in honor of his father.


Archetypal Beatles
Ron Schenk | June 1 | 10am – 1pm (CDT)

Look Deeper: A Reading Group
Sean Fitzpatrick | June 14, July 19, August 9 | Noon – 1pm

Intimations in the Night: The Archetypal Journey of Aging
Michael Conforti | June 18 | 6 – 7:30pm (CDT)

Passion and Jung
David Rottman | June 19 | 6 – 8pm (CDT)

Magee Ethics Workshop: Encountering the Unsettling Other in the Consulting Room
Sean Fitzpatrick | June 21 | 9am – 12:15pm

The Healing Power of Masculine Eros
Robert Snellgrove | June 25 – July 24 | 5:30 – 7pm (CDT)

Depth Psychology and Sufism: Knowledge and Love
Mansoor H. Abidi | Lecture: July 26, 5:45 – 7:15pm | Workshop: July 27, 10am – 4pm

Film and Psychoanalysis
Steppenwolf | August 1 | 7pm
Pleasantville | August 8 | 7pm
Mother! | August 15 | 7pm
Lady Bird | August 22 | 7pm

Love and the Boundaries of the Imagination
Various Presenters | August 2, 7 – 8:30pm | August 3, 9am – 5pm | August 4, 9am – 12pm

Introduction to Archetypes
José Leal | August 10 | 12 – 3pm (CDT)

The March from Selma to Montgomery and the Nonviolent Movement in Analysis
Renee Cunningham | August 22 | 6:30 – 8pm (CDT)