The McMillan Institute

McMillan LionWe are thrilled and deeply honored to announce the founding of The Frank N. McMillan, Jr., Institute of Jungian Studies at The Jung Center. The Institute hosts local and online educational experiences that advance C.G. Jung’s exploration of the frontiers of the human soul.

The son of a rancher in rural Milam County, Texas, Frank McMillan, II, once wrote a friend that “Jung saved my life.” A chance encounter with the artist Forrest Bess, in a diner on Matagorda Bay in 1954, led McMillan to a lifelong passion for Jung’s thought and an uncompromising pursuit of the authentically examined life. As he wrote, “The great contribution of Jung is not that his ideas form any final explanation . . . but that they are penetrating insights that open doors and lead the way for further elaboration and understanding.”

The Jung Center shares this passion. At the heart of our mission is the belief that compassionate, ethical action in the world depends on knowing oneself. We create community best when we are able to discern our unconscious motivations and recollect our projections onto others. And each of us must walk our own paths – no one can tell us who we are or what we must be in the world.

The McMillan Institute features lectures, workshops, conferences, and other learning opportunities, many of which will also be available online in the coming years. It is also the new home of the Fay Lectures, which for more than two decades have spotlighted the most innovative scholars in analytical psychology from around the world. These honorary lectures are presented annually and are published by Texas A&M Press. More information about the next Fay Lectures, featuring Tom Elsner, will be available soon.

Read the story behind Frank N. McMillan III’s inspiration to create this institute in honor of his father.


The Poetic Basis of Mind: An Introduction to Archetypal Psychology
Tom Cheetham
Wendesday, Sept 5 | Thursday, Sept 13
Wednesday, Sept 19 | Wednesday, Sept 26
5:45 – 7:15 pm
$135 ($125 members), $35 Drop-ins
NOTE: Tom Cheetham will teach this class remotely. This class will only be available for viewing at The Jung Center. The technology will allow for discussion between Dr. Cheetham and his students.

Archetypal psychology is closely associated with the work of James Hillman. Departing from foundations in Freudian and Jungian thought, it moves in a different air: more Mediterranean, polytheistic, and exhibiting conscious parallels with Buddhism and other Eastern philosophies in its dissolution of literalisms and essentialisms. It provides a psychology of soul where anima is located primarily in the world and secondarily in the human person. It is more than a psychology and functions as a form of life for which metaphor and imagination are primary constituents of the world and the poetic basis of mind and nature is fundamental.

Live-streaming instructions here!

Waking Up to Whiteness: A Journey to Self-Awareness
Sean Fitzpatrick and Cindy Wigglesworth
Four Tuesdays, Sept 11 – Oct 2
5:45 – 7:15 pm
$135 ($125 members), $35 Drop-ins
6 CE Hours

Race is not a biological reality. Time and again, biologists have debunked the idea that race is a natural feature of human genetics. But our historical belief in it drives suffering and injustice to this day. Americans of all skin tones suffer from this error in our collective narrative. How can we be part of awakening a better tomorrow? Courage is needed to see clearly how our history brought us to today, and self-awareness is the first step in any healing process… including healing our nation. Join us in this safe space where we will explore our national history and cultural and racial identities and examine whiteness through a critical lens. Together we will discover the clarity, relief, empowerment, and even the joy that truth-seeing can bring.

Look Deeper
Sean Fitzpatrick
Fridays, Sept 14, Oct 5, Nov 9, Dec 14
12 – 1 pm
1 CE Hour per session ($10 processing fee for CE and CPE certificates)

Join us for this free lunchtime reading group, facilitated by Sean Fitzpatrick. This semester, we will begin reading The Soul in Anguish: Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Suffering by Lionel Corbett. We will read a chapter each month. Drop in at any time; no prior participation in the group is necessary.

Dreams and the Story-Making Mind
José Leal
Saturday, Sept 15
12 – 3 pm
$65 ($55 members)
3 CE Hours

We all carry a story-making mind that constantly communicates with us and tries to make sense of what happens in our lives. Dreams send us messages that can help us understand our journeys, learn which paths need to be explored, and reveal where in our conscious life we may be stuck or tangled. Dreams make symbols come alive within us. Through them, we can understand the movements within our psyche and deepen our relationship with ourselves and the world. We will consider Jungian and post-Jungian perspectives and explore the archetype of the dream maker in Greek and Celtic mythology. The archetypal dream maker is this story-making mind, an ancient force always transmitting important messages while we sleep or are in trance. We will analyze excerpts of our dreams and, through active imagination, deeply engage with the illuminating messages dreams hold for us.

Psyche & the Sacred: Spirituality Beyond Organized Religion
Lionel Corbett
Friday, Sept 28
7:30 – 9 pm
$25 ($20 members)
1.5 CE Hours

Spiritual structures require periodic renewal. When our spirituality cannot be contained within traditional institutions, there is an urgent need for new ways to articulate our experience of the sacred. From within the depth of the psyche, a new image of the divine is emerging alongside and within traditional JudeoChristian images. Depth psychology gives us a language for this emergence, allowing us to articulate our experience of the sacred to be articulated without the need for recourse to traditional theology, doctrine, or dogma. In this lecture we will consider an approach to spirituality based on personal experience of the sacred.

Jung and Islam

Mansoor H. Abidi
Thursday, Oct 25
7 – 8:30 pm
$20 ($15 members)
1.5 CE Hours

Join Mansoor Hassan Abidi in this important discussion about Islam that goes beyond the political and explores the spiritual and esoteric dimensions of the faith. We will approach Islam from a Jungian perspective and consider its influence on Jung’s thought in three parts: 1) A brief look at the historical background of Islam and Jung’s interaction with the religion and culture, 2) Sufism — the mystical dimension of Islam — and its contributions to western psychology, and 3) Basic similarities between Sufi psychology (especially Ibn ‘Arabi’s work) and a Jungian approach to individuation.

Transforming Fundamentalism
Renae Cobb
Saturday, Oct 27
9 am – 1 pm
$100 ($90 members)
4 CE Hours

Explore the obstacles that fundamentalist belief systems pose to the transformational process of individuation and discover how to overcome them. The polarization of our society today and the growing appeal of rigid systems of belief pose challenges to the development of a healthy and whole self. We will address identity formation, internal authority constructs, discounting of the unconscious, literal versus symbolic thinking, sexuality, self-sacrifice, fear of death, and the need for community. Overcoming challenges in these areas allows for the transformation of the individual and society as a whole.

On Your Sleeve? A Conversation on How to Live Faith
J. Pittman McGehee and Barkley Thompson
Saturday, Nov 3
1 – 3 pm
$35 ($30 members)
2 CE Hours

Join J. Pittman McGehee and Barkley Thompson for a conversation about the role of faith in our lives. McGehee and Thompson are the former and current dean, respectively, of Christ Church Cathedral, the oldest house of faith in Houston and one that continues to be an influential voice in our city. They contend that faith cannot be compartmentalized but is rather the wellspring of mystery, wonder, and commitment in our lives. Informing the discussion will be McGehee’s book The Invisible Church: Finding Spirituality Where You Are, which articulates a psycho-spiritual worldview, and Thompson’s latest book, In the Midst of the City: Gospel and God’s Politics, which makes the case that faith is always political but never partisan, insisting that people of faith must immerse themselves in God’s alternate vision for the world before forming social and political convictions.

Live-streaming instructions here!

Humanity’s Rite of Passage
Richard Tarnas
Friday, Nov 9
7 – 8:30 pm
$20 ($15 members)
1.5 CE Hours

Depth psychology has long made us aware of the importance of understanding our personal histories. We have sought ever deeper insight into our individual biographies, seeking to render conscious those unconscious forces and complexes, rooted in our personal histories, that shape our lives. Many now recognize that same task as critical for our entire society. In the collective consciousness of a civilization, history itself is the great unconscious to be explored and integrated. Join philosopher and cultural historian Richard Tarnas as he speaks about our age of transformation and discusses the challenges and possibilities of this dramatic time for which Jung used the term kairos, the pivotal moment for a fundamental spiritual and cultural change in the human experience.

Gimme Shelter: Weathering the Storm in an Archetypal Cosmos
Richard Tarnas
Saturday, Nov 10
10 am – 4 pm
$100 ($90 members)
4.5 CE Hours

C. G. Jung broke free of limiting modern assumptions to recognize that psyche is not confined to the human but rather permeates all of nature, the cosmos itself. He recognized the extraordinary value of astrology in shining an unexpected light on the archetypal dynamics of human life. Consistent correlations between planetary alignments and world events, as seen through the lens of archetypal astrology, can provide us with much needed context for our wildly dramatic time. What is the current planetary situation, what gods are in motion, and what are the historical precedents? How might our contemporary culture be transformed by recognizing that an intimate bond exists between the deep psyche and the cosmos? This workshop will provide a “state of the world” report on the archetypal astrological context of our national and global moment.

What Stories are Living You? Archetypal Awareness, Growth, and Fulfillment
Carol Pearson
Five Thursdays, Nov 15 – Dec 20
(No class Nov 22)
6 – 7:30 pm
$185 ($175 members)
7.5 CE Hours
Note: Carol Pearson will teach this class remotely. The technology will allow for discussion between Dr. Pearson and her students. Participants must register by November 8 in order to complete the assessment, which will be emailed to them upon registration

Discover how the flow of archetypes through a life influences the stories we live, which in turn determine what we notice and assume we should do. The narratives we live can energize and focus us and, over time, help us develop skills and abilities that make for success in our work and private lives, but they can also leave us feeling like we are on autopilot. Other archetypes may be active in the unconscious, emerging in constructive ways,
or tripping us up in their shadow forms. Participants will take the newly revised Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® and receive a report that will be utilized in the workshop to facilitate personal reflection, informed by instructor input and group discussion.

Live-streaming instructions here!

Jung’s Personality Types and the Power of Polarities
John van der Steur
LECTURE: Friday, Nov 16
7:30 – 9 pm
$20 ($15 members)

What are you good at? What do you want to do with your life? How can you get there? Using C.G. Jung’s theory of personality and psychological types, we will attempt to answer these questions and others. We will explore how Jung formed these ideas and why they are more important now than ever. The key to human achievement lies in opening ourselves up to introspection and harnessing the power of polarities in our personalities. We will learn how this applies to our own lives and look at examples in the worlds of business and sports.

WORKSHOP: Saturday, Nov 17
10 am – 4 pm
$100 ($90 members)

Gain a better understanding of your personality type and its development while also learning about your dynamic with other types from fellow workshop participants. Special attention will be paid to the role of Jung’s inferior function in developing the backbone of your personality. Participants should take the type indicator prior to the workshop and bring their results with them. The assessment will take 10-15 minutes and will generate a four-page personal profile, delivered via email.